About Me

Hi! My name is Dini Aqmarina, an Indonesian.

To be honest, I am bulding this blog is not only for sharing my experiences about travelling or anything, but I also want to set a goal to quit my 8-5 office job! I want to pursue an ultimate freedom and travel & explore more!

I began my first solo trip in August 2018. Before, I already a traveler since kid because of my father liked to take me visit some places in our neighbourhood. To the beaches, to the mountains. And I love the sound of nature!

Became an adult, graduated and started work in the office, somehow makes me exhausted. I feel I lost myself. So, I wanna start over, building what I like to do freely also earn money from that! That’s why this website was born!

So what’s your story?
How did you end up on my blog?!

Feel free to contact me through email for business or collaboration inquires at aqmarinadini@gmail.com.